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February 04, 2009


This one harkens back to my year in college. I had a major in beer and marijuana and mastered the art of fishbowl quarters. I still wonder why my father quit paying for my education. So between buildabong 101 and bowling for chicks, I often ate this wonderful, fast little number.
In the microwave in an empty container, anything will do, old butter bowls or even a big Gulp glass. Put two packages of ramen noodles(crunch them up if you have to), but not the sauce packet. Cover with water and microwave on high while high, for about two minutes. remove from the microwave and drain the water, this is easy if you use a big Gulp cup cause you can pinch the top together and not loose any noodles. Add the two sauce packs and stir in as much ketchup as needed to moisten up the noodles, enjoy. This recipe is also refered to in some areas as ghetto o's. or Ghetto spegetti. Its fast and you can do it faster than cleaning your bong.
What did you survive on back then?