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October 11, 2009


Years ago my Daughter was in the 10th grade. She played the violin. The orchastra leader wanted her to take first chair for the high school band. She declined and changed to viola and played on. When I ask her why, she said that the other girl who had the first chair, had worked hard all of high school to earn her seat. She stated that she would not take that away from her. In reflection I have never been so proud of her and I needed to write it somewhere. Yes,she does know how I feel and her life might  be different if she had taken that chair. But it was her decision and it was a great one.She is extreamly talanted and intelligent and humble.....All the fixings for a truely great person. I love you Erin.......

I realize its not funny..... I was reflecting....and it is my blog.....soooooooo

See Ya!!!