Chris Rock hosted SNL this week. Do you think he was excited? He used to be on the show and then he got to host it. I hope he was excited.

This episode had a lot of really charged political content, with some ebola and ISIS sketches that probably made some people laugh and some people wince a lot or turn off their TVs. It all started with a stand-up style monologue in which Rock (impressively) segued from Sunday’s New York City Marathon to the Boston Marathon bombing to 9/11 to materialism on Christmas to gun control. Which is admittedly not for everyone, but that’s why video embeds on websites have play buttons, so that you only have to watch if you decide you want to click on them, and then if you do it’s your own fault and you can’t blame anyone if you get upset.

This week’s episode brought back a sketch from last year called “How’s He Doing,” a talk show where black pundits check in with each other to see how much they still support President Obama. What’s probably coolest about this one is that last year having a sketch with the host and all black cast members meant Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah, and Kerry Washington sitting onstage, but this year with the addition of Sasheer Zamata and Leslie Jones, this sketch felt much fuller with all four black cast members plus Chris Rock.

Weekend Update was great this week, a particularly good part being when young person Pete Davidson stopped by the desk to talk about condoms. Davidson was just as charismatic as his first appearance on Update, but I liked this segment better because the material pushed the envelope but not, like, completely off the table and into the garbage can.

Taylor Swift’s perfect angel album 1989 came out this week, and even if you try not to, you friggin’ love it. This commercial for Swiftamine, the #1 relief for Taylor Swift-induced vertigo, found most often in grown women, fathers of young girls, and other people who think they have no business being so charmed by Taylor Swift, was a very funny idea, and Leslie Jones makes a great “Shake it Off” ballerina.

Then there was a pre-taped sketch starring Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, and Bobby Moynihan as bank robbers–with a twist! (The twist is that they’re nice.) This sketch looked and sounded very good, like a real movie with a bank in it!

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