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August 12, 2012

A review of the Doritos Locos Taco

Without a doubt the greatest food invention in recent memory. In fact, you could make the argument that it's the greatest invention of the new millennium. The creation of the Doritos Locos Taco makes the creation of the Iphone, look like the creation of the Sham-Wow. It's amazing how such a slight adjustment to an already popular food item, can create such a buzz. A taco shell made out of a Nacho Cheese Dorito... Genius. Especially because the Nacho Cheese Dorito is like the James Dean of potato chips. Unlike it's socially awkward cousin Cool Ranch, who's like that guy you just saw at the gas station with the denim jacket and the weird mullet. What's that guy thinking???


One bite of this insanely delicious taco, invigorates your taste buds and sends them into a frenzy like a group of pre-teen girls at a Justin Bieber concert. The rodeo of zesty flavors smack the roof of your mouth with the power of a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. Your mouth waters and your eyes get all big like an infant child's after meeting a puppy, or Shoeless Joe Jackson seeing Ray Kinsella's farm for the first time. "Is this Heaven." No my friend, this is a Dorito's Locos Taco.


The name implies its taste, it's locos. That means crazy in English. As in "Crazy good"....The extra bold flavor captivates your emotions and makes you rethink your stance on mortality. You decide to ditch your stagnate lifestyle for one way more extreme. You announce to all your friends that tomorrow you are going to jump over your great-grandma on your Harley. Then your buddy reminds you that your great grandma has been dead for years, and that you don't even own a motorcycle. It's OK though, we all get carried away sometimes. Doritos Locos won't judge you.