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April 16, 2018

Now a days 'cannabis culture' is the phrase which is used widely by the entire world. Due to the easy availability, CBD oil has made a great impact on the world for its immense health benefits. It is easily accessible in more than 29 states in the USA. Here is given how the 'cannabis culture' has grown in different countries.

‘Cannabis Culture’ is a phrase used widely by the entire world. What does it actually mean? Well, we all know what cannabis is, right? A highly sensitive plant that produces an intoxicating drug as infamous as marijuana and a supplement as appreciated as pure CBD oil.

Now, the use of ‘cannabis culture’ refers to the social, political,economic, and psychological spheres of the perception of cannabis as a plant in any region. The recent developments of cannabis as a medical support system in the US has given a new dimension to this psychedelic in our country.

With the availability of CBD oil for sale just at a click and easy accessibility of medical marijuana in more than 29 states of our country, the cool culture is taking over the sneaking scenario. This is the proof of the evolvement of the cannabis culture in the US. Do you want to know a bit about cannabis existence in other countries?

Let’s talk about some of the cool cannabis grounds around the globe!

India- The Land Of The Pro-Cannabis God

Shiva, the destroyer! Everyone who has even the faintest idea of the religious scenario of India would know who Shiva is. He is one of the three most beloved deities in India who himself loved smoking pot. Thus, it is needless to say that cannabis culture in India has a strong religious backing.

In fact, on a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva, almost all religiously indulged people take Bhang, a cannabis-infused drink. As for legality, cannabis is illegal to consume but because it is an origin of the species, cannabis grows in the forests and has no regulation to it. Cannabis also has a unique mention in the Vedic scriptures of India which suggests the medical use of cannabis for various ailments. In spite of the illegal status of cannabis in India, there are several states and cities which are infamous for drug abuse.

The Netherlands- Where You Can Hit That Sweet Spot Of Cannabis And Coffee

While India has more of a spiritual and religious perception towards cannabis, the Netherlands are more inclined towards the plant socially. There are legal cafes where you can just walk-in and order a coffee infused with weed and chill. And not just one, there are more than 250 pro-weed cafes! Did you just started planning your holidays to this place?!

Having talked about its social culture, the political scenario has to be liberal, only then these cafes could exist, right? Well, let’s just say that when you are in the Netherlands, you don’t need to light up your joint in a dark gully. Although it’s not completely legal, weed policies are liberal and the residents are allowed to carry 5 mg of pot and can grow up to 5 small-sized plants. Cool, right?

Jamaica- I bet You Can’t Imagine Jamaica Without Associating It With Weed

Although cannabis was brought in Jamaica from India in the 19th century,it has received far more relatability with cannabis than any other country. It is impossible to discuss the crucial faces of the cannabis industry without mentioning Jamaica.

The cannabis culture in Jamaica was ignited by the most significant Rastafarian Movement where the locals unified to free themselves from colonization. Rastafarians considered weed to have a spiritual influence opening them to the heightened awareness state which is why they call it the‘wisdom weed’.

Politically, possessing more than 2 ounces of marijuana is illegal even in the weed centric country. However, it has commendable medical marijuana laws with a specific ‘wellness tourism’ program under which even the non-residents are allowed to get medical care with marijuana.

Canada- Where Marijuana Industry Is In Line With Any Other Business

The most meritorious part of the cannabis culture in Canada is the fact that the cannabis growing industry is making their companies public on the stock exchange which in turn, is a great economic culture.

Canada is one of those liberal countries where medical marijuana has been legalized for almost 16 years now and are under construction for legalizing marijuana entirely. Marijuana production is quite high in Canada without any driven focus on health-related bills.

So if we give it a thought, Canada has an economic cannabis culture rather than a spiritual, political, or social one.

Uruguay- The First Country Ever To Offer Cannabis Via Pharmacies

It’s amazing how each country has a unique factor contributing to its cannabis culture. Like every other country, Uruguay also has one out of the box fact regarding cannabis- it’s the only country where you can buy marijuana for recreational purpose via a pharmacy store!

Well, these liberating laws are limited to the residents, so if you plan to visit Uruguay, you might have to mingle with the local crowd to get your share.

This is impressive, right? Cannabis has been given different status in each country but there’s always some status. How much ever the government triesto regulate, the fact that it has benefits might trump every other fact.However, until we are in a restricted zone, we will have to buy CBD oil online and work with it!But make sure you pick a good brand to buy your CBD oil or else it won’t be worth it!