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Published April 25, 2011 More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Yo my brothers and sisters all over the funny or die wus good G's! Am going to go off a little here now yah see o lord E! Like i see a lot of spirit out there in the world being used in the wrong ways you all! Yo i know you see it dude or chick looking at this shisshnets! O no just about said a bad word am so f in worked up right now my players of the night life! But you see are spirt don't stop but your using are human minds to guide it you see right there now my dear sweet friends, You gots to be just leting your soul fly to be yo guide don't you know, Because the mind will always flow with the mojo of your soul good lookin, that's whats we is working with in life my soulmates of the funny or die . com and together we can do anything so lets do right and do somthing good yah dig. O child please forgive me for that is all i have to say about that! "For if you don't know it for sure don't act like you know." Quoth The Raven - NEVER MORE!   P.S: PEACE ONE LOVE ONE LiFE  Da Bullfrog