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April 25, 2011

Glurp's touching review of America's funniest male trio.

After a long and serious phone call with my sister concerning my mother's nursing home finances and mental health, I dusted off my old VHS collection and found my Three Stooges tapes that I had not watched since my early thirties.  And goodness!  They were funnier than I remember!  Having some free time because I had gotten laid off for neglect, I spent the next two weeks watching all their films.  After hundreds of hours watching these grown men slap and poke each other while grunting and squeaking the whole way through was such a fantastic delight.  Towards the end of the tapes, I was laughing more in anticipation of a slap or a poke than the actual slap or poke!!!!  I especially love their food humor - a cake in the face here, a fork of beef flung across the room there, chicken legs, pies, peas and all kinds of funny foods being tossed around.  The only problem is I can't decide who is my favorite.  Larry has funny hair, but so does Moe, but then again Curly doesn't have any which is funny too (sigh). Moe 

seems to be the man of the house but Curly makes those innocent yelps that make me feel free.  Larry does seem to be a pretty reasonable man though.  If only I could reach into the television set and pull out their black and white personalities to keep me company in my living room.  We would fall over, play with food, make silly sound effects with our mouths and poke each other all day long.  Good job Three Stooges, we'll miss you.