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August 21, 2009


I am sickened. It seems like every early evening when  I turn on the television there is another child murdered or missing,  horribly or sexually abused.  This is usually followed by an hour devoted to the "case" and day by day ratings-grabbers until the next child is murdered. I wonder how safe children feel  even in their own homes with their own family. Do they watch these shows? Can kids escape seeing them or being aware in some form.  What  does a hug mean?  What do they worry about especially the younger ones? Do we even know how kids  feel & what they fear?  I don't remember it seeming  so unsafe when I grew up although I was told to be careful, to walk on the other side of the street if someone was following me etc., etc.  No doubt the violence & abuse was all there. Is it the media coverage that exaggerates or is the violence really increasing? This got me wondering  in general..questions I had.  Parent or not, most of us have contact with children. Feel free to give your thoughts to any of these or to voice your own questions & issues. 

1. Should hour- long shows about the victimization of children be shown between 5 & 8:00 p.m.?

2. Currently, do you monitor what your children are watching at the times these programs  are on.?

3. Do you feel a dose of reality is better than turning off the t.v. at those times?

4. Should perpetrators of crimes against young people  under the age 18 receive a life sentence even if it is the first offence?

5. Would you have your child outfitted with a GPS microchip?

6. If it were free would you have a DNA record of your child on file somewhere?

7. Should every convicted criminal be required to provide a blood  sample for DNA testing regardless of the crime?

8. Should released sex offenders be required to live in a group home setting rather than in the community?

9. If  it would reduce investigation time, should  sex offenders  be required to have a monitor  or implant for the rest of their lives?

10. Should users and distributors of child pornography receive the same  sentence as sex  offenders?

11. Do you think it totally unlikely  that a member of your family or extended  family would abuse your child?

12. Do you believe some sexual predators can be rehabilitated depending upon their age?

13. Would your child feel safe enough to tell you of any incident and would you believe him/her?

14. Do you always keep a ' head-shot'  picture of your child current  for ID purposes?

15. Do you know what your children feel or  fear  when they hear about these incidents and how do you make them feel protected and safely loved?