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April 25, 2010


I got another e-mail about South park.Who really cares? I'm an apathetic person waiting to get laughs as the world dies! With the volcano going off in Iceland. Earthquakes all over the world. The oil rig drill disaster off 50 miles from Venice,La in the Gulf Of Mexico  still dumping tons of gallons of oil in the ocean. Arizona making an Anti-Immigration law which kinda condone racial profiling. John Mc Cain wants to make a law against enemy belligerents. Could that include my belligerent ass? Some people are still on a crusade about South Park. Here we go sports fans.

Hello MSNBC, I hope you will forward this story to Rachel Maddow or some other MSNBC news outlet.

The recent story about the so-called Muslim group issuing warnings to Comedy Central's South Park is missing a very big link. Since at least 3 months ago, I have personally been in touch with this group with messages to and from their youtube website, which is located at http://www.youtube.com/user/IslamicRevolutionTV. I am an active you-tuber and also have my own channel there. I saw their website RevolutionMuslim.com, which praised Osama Bin Ladin and the Ft. Hood shooters, among other crazy ideas and people they supported. I had written them and called them out on their rotten ideas, telling them that this kind of criminal behavior has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. I got a few weak replies from them and realized they were only fishing for supporters, rather than wanting to have a serious debate.

The leader of this group, Yusuf Al-Khatab, is not a Muslim, nor were his initial supporters. His real last name is Cohen, as was revealed in a report weeks ago. (I will try to find that article or video for you). That little story was overlooked by the main media and the public, but must be made known now, because of the South Park controversy. Now that the small NY City so-called Muslim based group has made international news because of their implied threats to the South Park producers and Comedy Central, they must be jumping for joy and laughing their heads off. This fake group and a few more tag-along crazies have managed to provoke Muslims and non-Muslims, using the stereotype of Muslims as scary, radicalized people. And the truth is, they are succeeding in polarizing people and may very well inflame Muslims in other countries who are already angry about the US invasion of Iraq, the situation in Palestine, and the war in Afghanistan, and who get highly censored and restricted media.

I saw footage of this group, Revolution Muslim/ IslamicRevolution.com  outside of a mosque in NY City with their leader, Cohen aka Yusuf al-Khatab, yelling into bullhorns on the crowded city sidewalk, calling for Islamic revolution, jihad, and the take-over of the world by Muslims. Their was a look of shock and horror on the faces of the true Muslims who attend that mosque in NY City. The Muslims of the mosque wanted them out, but did not know how to get rid of them. I will try to find that footage if I can, where I had originally seen it on a youtube video, I believe it was from a video that the group themselves had uploaded. I had asked them if they feared apprehension by the government or law enforcement, and their response to me was "All publicity is good publicity."

Please contact me and I will be doing more fact checking on this; it is a timely story and should be breaking news, even if it is not a headline. These fakes should be uncovered. They are making our world more dangerous than it already is.

What was the big fucking deal? South Park depicted Muhummad as a bear. According to South Park, Saddam Hussein had gay sex with Satan, the giant spider in the Vatican said it's alright for Catholic priests molester young boys,while constantly poking fun at Jews,Mormons,Scientology and everything else under the sun. Get a sense of humor people. South park is classic humor and makes the world more tolerable for me to deal with.

Praise be to Trey Parker and Matt Stone. And,if you don't get the humor;don't watch the show! Simple!
Same thing I used to tell the people who hated my public access show and called me the Anti-Christ. If I'm the Anti-Christ, what the fuck am i doing in Tucson?