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February 14, 2010


The last one was getting a little long so I just continued it on a fresh blog...

Day 6 - Feb 14 / 2010
What a nice day for a walk.  I pack my gear and a couple of carrots and hit the trails.  I wanted to go back and see if my newest porcupine friend has survived the past few days.  I strapped on my snowshoes and ventured into the brush.  The only way that I would find this den is to follow my snowshoe tracks from the previous visit as it is very deep in.  After about 1/2 an hour, I come across the den..... He is still alive!  I was sure that I was going to be walking into a blood bath.  

Picture_134.jpg  Picture_135.jpg 

The above is 2 current pictures of my newest forest friend.  He is still alive....for now.

After seeing my little buddy,  I made a new path.  Got wapped in the face a few times with some branches, split my lip open. I looked totally hardcore and bloody! Sweet.  After 15 minutes or so I noticed some fur in the snow... not moving of course.  Another fisher kill... Rabbit.


This is the destroyed rabbit I stumbled across, he was REALLY torn apart.

I followed the tracks leaving the scene of the crime.  They lead me to a hollowed out tree with nesting material inside.  I know where this fisher lives now.  Ill check in next time I go to visit my spiky friend.


This is the tree that I'm almost positive a fisher lives in.  

I started to head back now.  All of a sudden I heard a loud noise. Scared me a bit as I am a tiny wimp :)
It was nothing more then a big white tail deer.  They truly are beautiful animals.

Picture_137.jpg  Picture_136.jpg 

Hard to see, but in the middle of the pictures, there is a large white tail deer.  This one wanted to have nothing to do with me.  Picture is much better large, check it out in my profile pics...

The last thing that I found was really interesting to me (but really, in the forest, what isn't) I actually found the full rack of a buck!  I put it in my backpack and brought it home.  I don't know why really, just thought it was really cool.   Maybe I will use it as an arse scratcher!  


The antlers I found!  I actually just read up on antlers and why or how they fall off.  Deer actually drop their antlers once a year.  Larger deer in February/March and smaller deer later in the spring.  Every year they grow back one "Point" bigger.  Antlers are made of bone matter.  

I am going to go out later tonight or tomorrow night (in the dark) to see if I can see or at least hear the fisher.  I'm kinda nervous, being in the dark with this thing may be a stupid idea.  

All for now, Jeff.......out.