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April 07, 2011

RThis month i have a theory that Technology is killing manners

So another onto has passed and its time for you to read my monthly ramblings first of all news Well…………………………………………!!!!! And that was the news . Now let us get on with my thoughts spewing out onto my keyboard producing what you see before you. This months subject I have touched upon many times in the past but this month I had a new thought about this so this month the subject is yet again manners but before you click this away I have a new theory . Computers,phones,pad's general software are killing manners . Hold on I do have a point to this . Now i am a great lover of technology and class myself as part time geek/nerd/that bloke who knows too much about something that will be pointless and outdated in three months and that is why it has taken me so long to come to this conclusion as i just really didn't wanter to believe it but have came to the sad conclusion that because my personal pieces of tech don't need or want me to say please or thank you to them and since we are all spending more time with our computers and phones we revert to a certain way to use them. For example how many times have you been talking to somebody you know and all there doing is looking at their phone and saying yea,yea, yea and ill be first to admit that even i am guilty of this right now while i'm writing this i am sitting in the quietest part of wetherspoons in falkirk listening to my ipod ignoring everything else around me barr my pint and my phone thats not very nice or sociable even i admit. But with these people you can have fun just add in the most random questions here are some you can used bear in mind they are normally always going to say yes if done correctly. "So I hear your going into hospital for your sex change tomorrow?" "Your partner told me you like to put pubic hair on your pizza" "God you've got bad breath is that because you were licking a donkeys ass this morning?" And for a special someone to cheer you up and you'll know who u are " Cell you're a big smelly ginger who likes small dick aren't you?" So back to my actual theory . Technology is killing manners and I would love to scientifically prove this but my lack of know how and programming ability leaves me lost in this . But think about it yourself . Do you consider yourself polite? How polite are you ? Do you think you would be more polite if your phone or computer demanded a please or thank you ? I would love to hear your opinions on this and greatly appreciate comments especially if you do not agree with me but my answers to those three questions are 1.Yes i conceder myself polite 2. I believe i am very polite 3. I think myself and the whole world would be more polite if our tech demanded manners from us . So I guess its over to you , what are your answers and I must not forget to say thank you for reading and a premature thank you for leaving a comment .