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March 02, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #25?

Introducting: "Your Cat And You" an album by someone.

11. ...both have flea dirt in your hair
10. still cannot legally be married in the United States.
9. Ummm, I don't have a cat and that's not me. Wait a second! Are you insinuating that I touch my PUSSY?!?
8. Timmy worships the litter box Sir Shitz-A-Lot craps in.
7.5 Who's in charge? Not you, so get out your litter scooper and get used to it.
7. Explains in full, boring detail how you, essentially, what every dog owner has always suspected, are your cat's bitch.
6. Feline groovy
5. A stealth feminine hygiene album.
4. That's one more guest at your birthday party than last year.

3. ...are going to die alone...

2.5 "You Don't Actually Give A Shit About Your 4 Ferrets" was a hot competitor at the time
2. There is no cat.
There is no you.
There is only MeowOlogy. Submit. Submit. Submit.

1.7“ ... and A Mattress Against the Wall.: Part #29 in Our Sex Education Series. ”
1.6“ ... A Guide To Unrequited Affection. ”
1.5“ ... An Introduction To Suicide Pacts. ”
1.4“ ... and The World Of Crazy. ”
1.3“ ... It Chases Imaginary Objects While You Chase Imaginary Love. ”
1.2“ ... An Interspecies Guide To Coping With Ugly Wallpaper. ”
1.1“ ... The Solace of a Rough Tongue In a Harsh World. ”