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April 15, 2018

Irony with Donald Trump is like peeling an onion, it just goes on and on.

Oh Don, Let’s Talk About the King of Ironies

Oh Don, you the king of ironies, strikes again.

Don’t get me wrong for once I agree with something you’ve done, launching missiles on Syria, some form of chastisement is needed for the bastards using chemical weapons to kill children.

But Don once again don’t you see the ludicrous irony here, the bewildering if you will sense of history endlessly repeating itself as though we are all helpless captives because every president for the past 30 years has launched missiles against someone in the Middle East usually with little or no result.

But with you there’s a new twist:

A former draft dodger in charge of an army leads a strike against the no-good sonsofbitches ruled by foreign campaign workers (Russians) who got the draft dodger elected president.

Or in other words:

The most pro-Russian president in U.S. history now has to act like the Russians are bad because they are ruthless much like the pro-Russian president and so in this case has to bite (launch missiles) the hand (the Russians) that fed him (the pro-Russian president).

Or how about:

The former draft dodger and pro-Russian president has to act angry at the Russian president for sponsoring a gutter-rat president in Syria even though the Russian president told his spies to use Facebook to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Or how about:

The former draft dodging pro-Russian president, who now acts like a patriot told Hillary during a debate that she belonged in jail, but has never said that to the Russian president who the former draft dodging pro-Russian president secretly admires until the gas attack on the Syrian children forced the pro-Russian president to do something.

Or how about:

Despite the fact that missile strikes without ground action have no chance of success and this has been learned over and over ad-nausea for decades, the former draft dodging president who now acts like a patriot and who has no previous knowledge of military strategy other than bilking dupes out of money in crooked deals and who doesn’t listen to the advice of others (unless you’ve changed) leads a missile strike under the premise—-repeat failure in the hope it will work this time.

Or how about:

Vlad the Impaler Putin thought he had the draft dodging pro-Russian president who now acts like a patriot in his hip pocket and so the pro-Russian president would do nothing if Vlad the Impaler told his Syrian gutter-rat president to use poison gas on Syrian children—-much the same way Saddam Hussein miscalculated that because we befriended, supplied, and encouraged him previously that he could invade Kuwait and get away with it.

Or how about:

A draft dodging pro-Russian president who now acts like a patriot and who is in trouble for paying hush money to a porno actress with whom he had sex and collusion with Russians to get elected and possible obstruction of justice trying to stop those looking into the possible collusion tries to obstruct the Russians who got him elected president by launching missiles against the sycophant slaves of the Russians who used poison gas on children and now the pro-Russian president has to act pro-American.

Or how about:

A draft dodging pro-Russian president sends National Guard troops to the Mexican Border to try and stop an influx of the kind of people who are in the National Guard and who staff the pro-Russian president’s gambling casinos, when the National Guard troops will be shortly needed for the all-out war that might result because the pro-Russian president had to do the right thing and act against the Russians for sponsoring the Syrian gutter-rat president who used poison gas on children.

Or how about:

A draft dodging pro-Russian president who now acts like a patriot has to launch missiles in defense of the very people (Syrians) he banned from coming to this country because the pro-Russian president only likes immigrants from Norway and now he has to act like he cares for people for whom he previously expressed contempt, which before that led Vlad the Impaler Putin and his Syrian gutter-rat president to assume the pro-Russian president would stand by and do nothing if they used poison gas on children.

Or how about:

A draft dodging pro-Russian president who now acts like a patriot is forced to abandon a Mexican border wall because money will be needed for military action and before the pro-Russian president could as he had predicted in another unfulfilled promise to make our military as he put it “Sooooooo big!” that no one in the world would dare mess with us as the Russians who got the pro-Russian president elected and their Syrian gutter-rat president are now doing to us.

Or how about:

World War III ends the Mueller investigation of the pro-Russian draft dodging president who acted like a patriot.

Go to the mirror Don. Write on the blackboard “What a world!”

Write it 300 times Don.