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January 23, 2010


# wood paneling.5>  Mike's world tour rider stipulated that his dressing rooms be wood paneled, & that a hot cheeseburger be waiting for him immediately after the show.  -trident.

# wood paneling>   Mike's sermon this Sunday: "'Would' Paneling: An Exploration of the Uncertainties In Life That Letting God In Can Solve" -trident.

9.    Side 1:

… 2. "In The Future, There Will Be This Irish Recording Artist Named Enya, & She Is Evil So Don't Listen To Her" …

… 5. "Though I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, I Shall Still Roundhouse Kick Death AND His Shadow In The Breadbasket"

Side 2:

1.     "Flocking Sheep (All Night Long)" ... -trident

8. I break commandments like i break bricks,six at a time -bigjas

7. The meek shall inherit jack shit -WiscoDick

6.5 "More Blood of Christ? - No Problem!" -fissureFilms

6. I've never done coke, but if I did it would be off of this album cover. -westsideslant

5. *Mike is also a licensed accountant. -trident

4. The Altar Boys are too scared to tell the police about me -bigjas

3. "Beatin the FUCK outta Sin since 1958" -MadAdam

2.5 If your faith is strong enough, you can break these blocks with only your head and God's power. If you are a lying, adultering, faithless heathen, sitting in our Church, breathing our Holy air, an attempt to break the blocks with your head will surely kill you instantly, or at least leave you in a vegative state, burdening your love ones and tax payers for many years to come.
Okay folks--we're all gonna try--who's first? -ideeclare

2. The production costs for Mike's debut album were covered primarily by his connections in Big Wood Paneling -trident   (after 10 other wood paneling themed captions trident has convinced me to redo everything I own: in wood paneling)

1.5. Vigilantly battling gay thoughts. -theDIRTYmidget

1. Ahh the 80's it was all about the dollars. -grizz1