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Published December 26, 2011
  Society of Females in Engineering AGENDA Society of Female/Lipstick Lesbian Engineers   Board Members Libby LickOnMyLabia, President Patricia EatsDaPussy, Co-president Vicki IHeartVag,  Treasurer Andrea IWantToBeAGynecologist, Secretary Meredith Viera, Lesbian   Time                                            Item 6:00-6:05           Naked Handshake/Titty Fondle Welcome 6:05-6:15           Discuss Volunteer Shifts for Hunting Jews on Saturday 6:15-6:45           Group Bath 6:45-7:15           Make Decorative Paddles for Ass-Paddling Orgy 7:15-7:45           Ass-Paddling Orgy: Spank each other with festive paddles until our asses                             are raw and tender (required for funding; also a great way to relieve our                              super lesbian horniness) 7:45-8:00          Arts and Crafts 8:00-8:20          Bake cookies to rub against our labias 8:20-9:00          Urinate on each other (erotically) 9:00-9:30          Hunt Jews. Why wait until Saturday? 9:30-9:45          Display excessively zealous and unquestioning commitment to leader, and                            teach or imply that there will be extreme consequences for attempting to                            think/speak as an individual 9:45                   Drink Cyanide