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January 28, 2009


The Academy Awards suck.

It's always tradition. When the Oscar noms are announced, I am presented with a list of movies that I haven't seen, heard of, or interested in. And I thought this year would be different. Two of the years biggest grossing and critically acclaimed films were superhero films (Iron Man has a 93% on rottentomatoes.com and The Dark Knight has a 94%), yet the Academy decided to give those technical awards. Instead, the nominations went to the usual suspects. A feel-good romance about poor people, Slumdog Millionaire (94%), two movies about notable historic politicians, Milk (92%) and Frost/Nixon (91%),a romantic fantasy epic, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (72%), and a historical romance set in Nazi Germany, The Reader (60%).

Now, if you went by critical reviews, Iron Man and The Dark Knight are better than four out of five of the Best Picture nominees. (Even my third favorite film of the year Tropic Thunder (84%) got a better score than Benjamin Button or The Reader)

At least there is some justice with a nominee, even though its a snowball's chance in hell. Robert Downey, Jr. got in. I mean, it's not Best Actor for Iron Man, but he turned in another pitch perfect performance in Tropic Thunder and deserves the nomination for that. Now, there's a problem here. It's for Best Supporting Actor. And he's up against Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Don't get me wrong. Ledger deserves it for his portrayl as the demented Joker in what has to be the best film of the year, it's just that I feel the award would be awarded not because of his performance, but because he died so tragically. (To quote Ben Stiller in TT, "It's all very political".) Or, think if Downey (who is the odds on runner-up) wins instead. How pissed off is everybody going to be over that?
Would the Oscar be for TDK, or would it be penance for not receiving the award for Brokeback Mountain (Which, let's face it, was probably one of the few good movies he made). 

But then again what can I say about an organization that awarded a Best Picture Oscar to Crash or Titanic and not Goodfellas or Fargo?

Screw it. The Dark Knight is the Best Picture, Christopher Nolan is the Best Director, and Downey, Jr. is Best Actor. Much in the same way Sacha Baron Cohen was the Best Actor for Borat.

Did you know Norbit was also nominated for an Academy Award last year? Who the fuck did that?!