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July 14, 2008


What a day. So I come home from an acupuncture treatment and decide to strip and start a load of wash while I’m making lunch.  I’m cooking a turkey burger and snacking on gorgonzola pea salad when I hear the gate slam.  I’m more concerned about covering up to receive company than who might be in the back yard, so I throw on my roommates robe and let the dogs out (the sign on the gate says Beware of Dog). I’m hungry and they aren’t barking so I eat and head upstairs to write this blog. I get a call from my roommate, telling me that her friend Ben is coming by to check out the weed tree he’s going to cut down. I start laughing and tell her the story. I’m sure she wonders what I do when she’s not working from home and now she knows. I assure her that I am discreet and stay away from the kitchen windows however I fail to convince myself that Ben didn’t get an eye full. It’s hot so I lose the robe, which isn’t mine anyway, put on a sun dress and go back downstairs to let the dogs in the house. Then back upstairs where I read Amy’s blog and watch the vid she refers to in her post.




My one and only former husband is a funeral director and embalmer in Sacratomato CA. Like I said, it’s been one of those days, triggering a lot of memories and emotions that have prompted me to write a blog about gratitude. Which will be blog #2, I can see that clearly now. These emotions crave sweets so down to the kitchen to scoop some Dreyer’s Fun Flavors, Double Fudge Brownie and Mocha Almond Fudge to be precise, and top with whipped cream. Voila!

 Sitting at the computer upstairs, I hear a chainsaw and our tenant’s dog in the basement apartment starts barking. She knows her Dad is here, as said tenant is the ex-girlfriend of tree-feller Ben, and Abby the barking pit bull is the offspring of Ben’s dog C.J. Are you following so far? So I go back downstairs (this is why I am height/weight proportionate) and let Abby, Bud the Greyhound and Sophie the Black English Lab back outside. Whoops. I should have looked first, because Ben has brought C.J. and his new male pit bull. Pit bulls are sweet dogs but we’re not sure how the boys will get along with Bud, who is trembling as I collar him and drag him from the yard up the stairs of the deck and into the house. Oh yeah, I failed to mention that because it’s hot I have no undergarments on, which gets tricky on the stairs with Ben holding C.J. in a loose head lock on the grass below us. Again I head back upstairs, put on panties (just in case, as it’s been one of those days) and start writing. I’ve been taking notes all day and I’m excited that I feel like putting pen to paper, so to speak, as I dropped out of the writing workshop I attended last spring due to serious writers cramping, bloating and blockage.  That sounds attractive, no?

 We also have three cats, Jimmie, Lucy and Sadie. Jimmie the white, blue-eyed 14 year old polydactyl (front paws only) is asleep on the day bed in the office where I’m typing this. Domestic long haired Lucy is on Jennifer’s bed, but where is Sadie? Not in my room…huh. She just had eight teeth extracted and shouldn’t be outside, especially with the pit bulls, so back downstairs to check. Ah. She’s asleep on the couch, her tortoise shell tabby blending in with the rich fabric.

Back upstairs, I hear the dryer chime below.

Life is good. If nothing else, I eat well and get plenty of exercise.