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August 20, 2009


Of course! Wrinkly old grandpas! . . . But really old ones.
In a way they’re kind of pathetic,  but they’re clean. Their few remaining grey hairs are combed over their great big heads. Their clothes are pressed. Their shirts are spotless most of the time. And they seem to know an awful lot about everything going on in the world. Especially local stuff.
Most of the time they go on too long, but you can change the subject and they don’t seem to mind. They speak good English and that makes them quaint as hell.
Yet they don’t seem any battier than anyone else. Maybe even less batty.  As everyone else casts off all moorings and drifts downstream, dumbs down and gives up every activity and concern except getting and spending, Grandpa Times Journal Picayune still seems to care about the stuff we learned in school.
Nobody seems to listen to the old coot nattering on about elections and initiatives and baseball, but I bet we’ll miss him a hell of a lot when he finally goes. Any day now.