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November 01, 2008


IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I'VE DONE COMEDY one of my first comic bits was 0ne hour after the First Gulf War.Just me and Bill Hicks done bits about the First Gulf War.And,when I had my public access show in New Orleans me and Howard Stern was doing O.J. Simpson jokes.There's a price to pay when you're ahead of the curve,I was the only guy in New Orleans doing a white rapper charecter back in 1990 and I caught a lot of shit for it.Now,all these things are done to death.Shit O.J. is digging his own hole.And,I've seen a lot of people rip off my shit and fucked it up.Damn,that's why I'm writing plus I used to have a bad drinking problem.I drunk all my money and probadly got on stage shit like,"BLahburlghehblah ;blaqlalfkfr,mutha-fuckablahblahbkJFJDFHGJNBNJGFFJEJ." I REMEMBER ONE TIME being in Biloxi before the casinos and coming up to the mic and I can't remember a fucking word that came out my mouth. People was laughing and I can't remember a fucking thing.Shit toward the end of my drinking days I was blacking out and I remember I was goofing around and accidently kicked a guy in the chest.This will be the first time I've done comedy since DECEMBER 10, 2003 WHEN I opened for EYEHATEGOD with my bit about Dimebag Darrell's Death. Two days after it happen. I've heard a rumor about Phil Anselmo wanting to kick my ass and I wish he did.That would have been some funny shit cause I didn't say a bad thing about Dimebag.I 've said that I was really bummed out somebody killing Dimebag cause he was a genius and Good Charlotte and Avril Lavinge still walk the fucking earth !!! SO, phil if you still want a piece of me and we can do a G.G. Allin tribute style of comedy and beat the living shit out of each other. I'm not trying to kiss your ass when I say have a bunch of your albums but I stay true to my comedy bits.