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September 20, 2016

Use a butter knife, but more importantly, use a tub of delicious butter as shaving cream.

Replacing your razor cartridges is expensive; at least it was before the original patents on Mach3® ran out. Now that there are reasonably priced replacement blades that fit your old handle in stores, you no longer have to resort to these questionable substitutes:

replacements 1_fin.jpg

The Chatterer
Take a classic wind-up chattering teeth toy and file down the edges to be razor sharp. Now attach them to the top of your handle and let them chomp away!

replacements 2_fin.jpg

The Eastern Secret
Take your fanciest Japanese silk folding fan and strap it to the handle with a rubber band. Now twist the fan as many times as you can and let her go. Swear to your friends it was a practice passed down by wise ancient Samurai masters.

replacements 3_fin.jpg

Poseidon’s Fury
Those seashells in the bathroom aren’t just for decoration anymore.

replacements 4_fin.jpg

The Old Crayon Cover Up
A flesh-colored crayon may not do much cutting, but it might hide things for a little while.

replacements 5.jpg

A Ball of Duct Tape
Duct tape fixes everything. Plus, it attaches itself.

replacements 6_fin.jpg

The Butter Me Up
Use a butter knife, but more importantly, use a tub of delicious butter as shaving cream.

replacements 7_fin.jpg

Outside of the Box
Specifically, the edge of the aluminum foil box.

replacements 8_fin.jpg

The Puka Shell Necklace
Admit it, you’ve still got it lying around somewhere.

replacements 9_fin.jpg

The Leashed Opossum
The trick here is capturing an opossum and instilling him with a taste for human facial hair. After that, all you have to do is attach him to your razor’s handle with a leash.

replacements 10_fin.jpg

Dental Floss and a Spork
You’re resourceful. You’re smart. You’ll make this work.

This product is not manufactured or distributed by The Gillette Company, owner of theregistered trademarks Gillette® and Mach3®

Illustrations By Carl Meff