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August 21, 2012

Jewel writes poems. Charles Manson writes poems. You, of course, are a connoisseur of poetry, but I bet even you can't guess who wrote which of the following stanzas.


Jewel is best known for singing twee folk songs about her feelings. Charles Manson is best known for killing a bunch of people because God told him to. As such, both are famous. A byproduct of celebrity is that famous people want to do creative things besides the thing that made them famous. For example, Jewel starred in the Ang Lee western not about gay cowboys (Ride With the Devil), while Manson tried to get the Beach Boys to record his songs. Oh, and both of them write poetry. So then can you tell which of the following lines are from poems written by Jewel, author of the million-selling poetry book A Night Without Armor, and which were written by twitchy, helter-skelter enthusiast Charles Manson?


1. “My hair smells of the wind and is full of constellations”

2. “Up in the Blue Ridge Mountains / Paradise on earth, woods and weeds. We were still a reality.”

3. “Set out on the road ran / Set to run through graveyards of men.”

4. “There she sat, a mound of flesh with just two eyes to comprehend the extensiveness of her being.”

5. “Save my air, save my air? / my air, my air? / air, water, trees”

6. “I say to you idols of carefully studied disillusionment, and you worshipers who find beauty in only fallen things that the greatest Grace we can aspire to is the strength to see the wounded walk with the forgotten and pull ourselves from the screaming blood of our losses to fight on undaunted all the more."

7. “The first thing I learned was: Don't Trust Anyone?no more than you do yourself.”

8. “You don’t call I check again I become uneasy – is this a frame?

9. “Within all living things cry. Sometimes you can just hang there and fly.”

10. “Fear is a bird that believes itself into extinction”



1. Jewel
2. Manson
3. Manson
4. Jewel
5. Manson
6. Jewel
7. Manson
8. Jewel
9. Manson
10. Jewel