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November 25, 2014

There's a lot more to the story than what we've all heard.

Michael Brown and Darren Wilson were lovers. Not many people know this, but it’s true. It was a forbidden love affair as Darren had a girlfriend and Michael was from the hood. On the day of Michael Brown’s shooting, Michael Brown stole some cigars for a date later in the day with Darren. Darren heard on the police report that there had been a robbery at a market and to look for two black males, one of which was wearing a black shirt.

Then Darren saw Michael wearing a white shirt. He pulled up to him. “What did you do, baby?” Darren asked.

“What did you say to me, po-po?” Brown responded faking a disdain for Darren in front of his friend, Dorian Johnson, while also calling Darren the nickname Brown gave him during sex.

Darren tried exiting the vehicle, but Michael hit the door shut. Then Michael climbed into the vehicle to begin a friendly, fore-play wrestle with Darren. They wrestled it out. Michael then said, “Shoot me in the hand, po-po!”

Darren knowing Michael liked it rough, obliged. Michael, after getting shot in the hand, ran out of the vehicle, and Darren gave chase to see if Michael was okay.

“Stop!” Darren yelled.

Then Michael turned around saying, “This was all a mistake. We can’t be together. We are from different worlds.”

“That’s not true. We can be together.”

“I want to perform oral sex on you so badly, right now.”

“No! Not in public.”

“Yes. In public! If this is real, we need to be able to profess our love in public.”

Then Michael Brown ran after Darren Wilson with the face of a demon determined to give oral sex, but Darren knew that this would destroy his career. So, then he shot Michael 6 times.

It’s a very tragic love story. I had to write this to tell the truth that nobody wants to hear about this tragic story.