So I got a dog and named it M.L. Parker, short for Mary-Louise Parker, and yes, my dog is as hot as her,but not as old as her (obviously)

But anyway my friend saw her one day and was like what does M.L. stand for, more legs? And I was like wtf, no?
So then he goes on to say, ‘well why does it have 5 legs?’ Then I was like oh no, it has 4 legs and a dick. So my friend goes on to ask, why do you call it a girl? And I was like oh shit, I never thought about gender.

SO, the moral of the story is, if I ever become a OB, don’t come to me ‘cause when I see the dick I’ll be like congratulations it’s a girl, ahhhh!

and then I’ll go on to say, but there is one thing, she has a dick! But, HEY! That can be good because if you want grandchildren but don’t want any guys to fuck your daughter, she can make babies herself!

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