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Published: February 27, 2009
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I'm recording a comedy album tomorrow. My first. Well, I've recorded two shows in the past in the hope of them becoming albums. But this is the first time it's definitely for sure for real. The contract is signed, no turning back. This is the real deal.
The problem is, I'm a mime.

Okay, no, I'm not. I've basically just got to make it as fun for myself and for the audience as I can. I don't look back on my time on Letterman with regret because I did what I planned on, which is have a good time. If I didn't have fun (or sure, bombed), I would have been waking up in cold sweats nightly. Not too worried about tomorrow, but I am concerned. Want to do it, but I also want it over with. Like if going to court could ever be a good time. Or some other crappy analogy.

But like anytime I have something big to do that's being recorded, I darkly fantasize about the worst things I could do. Like go up there and sing Jim Croce songs. Or just jitterbug until everybody leaves. Or smash a watermelon. On record.

Hope everybody can make it!


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