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March 27, 2016

The Once Unbiased Humor Publication Has A New Ownership.

ClintonPAC, the largest funder for the Hilary Clinton Campaign, has recently purchased renowned humor publication MAD Magazine for $40. The beloved magazine is no longer allowed to publish scathing articles about their new boss. MAD Magazine for years has always been a great source for unbiased news on previous elections such as 2000’s Al Bore vs. War W. Bush or 1972’s We Nix Nixon!.

Although representative Alfred E. Neuman refused to comment on the situation, this month’s issue featured Clinton’s face with the words “Best for our country"for its fold-in.

"Al Jaffee didn’t even draw her face, he just took a photo of her and left a blank space in the middle for you to fold” stated fellow contributor Max Korn.

ClintonPAC is also scheduled to purchase other once reliable news publications such as National Lampoon, The Hard Times, and Cat Fancy.