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Published: January 07, 2010
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Thanks everyone for stopping by the contest, I had probably the hardest time I've ever had judging with so many entries. My hats off to WSS for being able to do this on a daily basis. I just wanted to add a disclaimer that my offerings were not and would never be considered for votes. I just got caught up in the fun that's all. Anyway here are the results:


Carnie Wilson celebrates the unstapling of her stomach.drwho

"Who's Licking Gilbert's Grapes" was the worst porn parody ever made.WiscoDick

You can pour tequila in her ass dimples and sip it out.jellybean13

In an effort to stay in step with the competition, NASCAR announced plans to add cheerleaders to the pit crews in 2010.westsideslant

Looks like a Bacon ate her!jimbobalouie

She's as American as apple pie,incidentally she eats 10 family size ones a day.bigjas


The Ham Burglar ain't got nuthin' on the Bacon/twinkie/chocolate cake/french fry/doritos/ice cream/burrito Burglar.captainshena...
I'm sure she's eaten all of these at once before too... 


Oh shit I dropped a fry on her open bed sore... 5 second rule!Ichronic

Special Sauce?


When your belly button starts eyeing your fries, it might be time to go on a diet.


Yeah that third eye will make you go blind!

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