Between the excellent “Indians on TV” episode of Master of None and the also excellent New York Times article “On Acting, Race, and Hollywood,” Aziz Ansari has buried the hatchet with actor Fisher Stevens in a respectful, nuanced way. In case you missed it and don’t feel like reading the article we just linked you to even though we TOLD YOU it’s excellent so this is your loss, really, Stevens is the star of 80s fantasy robot film Short Circuit, and was someone a young Ansari counted as an Indian role model until he realized it was actually a white actor in brownface.

Now that Aziz has spoken with Stevens in a public way, Conan thought that it’d be a nice idea to bring the comedian together with the other star of Short Circuit, robot Johnny Five, for a sort of meeting of the minds, or a meeting of one mind and one robot non-mind, or whatever you call it.