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July 13, 2016

Test your brain power and see if you can cut through everyone's BS.

See if you can solve the following five riddles without getting caught up in all of the drama!

The Man in the Elevator

A man lives on the 10th floor of an apartment building. Every morning when he goes to work, he gets on the elevator and takes it down to the 1st floor. When he comes home from work in the evening, he takes the elevator back up to the 10th floor if it’s raining or if there are other people riding with him.

The man really hopes that he doesn’t see the woman who lives on the 5th floor on the elevator. They matched on Tinder one night and neither one realized that they lived in the same building and they were messaging for a while and then he made this dumb joke about jacking off to “The Big Bang Theory” and she blocked him. Then, like, a week later they ran into each other at the mailboxes and they recognized each other right away and the man could tell she thought he was a total creep and he’s still not sure if he should say anything or if it would just make it worse.

Anyway, if no one is on the elevator, or if it isn’t raining, he takes it to the 7th floor and walks the rest of the way up. Can you explain why?

Answer: The man is very short and cannot reach the button for the 10th floor. Someone else has to push it for him or, if it’s raining, he can poke it with the tip of him umbrella.

Also, the man shouldn’t say anything to the woman on the 5th floor because it would definitely make it worse.

The Sultan’s Fortune

A very rich Sultan tells his two sons to race their camels to a distant city to decide who will inherit his immense fortune. But there’s a twist: the Sultan says that whoever’s camel is slower wins. So, the sons wander aimlessly in the dessert for days, unsure of what to do as neither one wants to be the first to reach the city.

Also, the sons are pretty sure that their father came up with this whole thing just to get them out of the house for a few days. The Sultan just re-married and the sons aren’t, like, totally crazy about his new wife, Lynne, and aren’t exactly keeping it a secret. Lynne’s always asking them if they want to do “family game nights” or “family movie nights” and one time one of the sons said something like “we already have a mom, Lynne” and she just, like, froze and ran out of the room. Plus, there’s Lynne’s son, Brandon. The Sultan is always like “try to include Brandon” or “you guys should bring Brandon along.” But, like, just because their dad gets married they’re expected to hang out with some 11 year old kid they’ve never met before in their life? Sure he’s their “step-brother,” but like, what are they even supposed to talk about? All Brandon wants to do is show them his lacrosse dekes.

Anyway, after wandering for almost a week, the sons eventually stop and ask an old wise man for guidance. After receiving his advice, they jump on the camels and race off for the city. What did the wise man tell them?

Answer: He told them to switch camels.

Also, he told them that they can’t blame Lynne for trying to build a relationship with them. Sure, these things take time, and no one saying that she has to be their new mother or that she even wants to be, but if she makes their father happy that should be enough reason for them to at least make an effort.

Light As A Feather

What’s as light as a feather, but couldn’t be held by Frank for more than a minute? (FYI, Frank is the world’s strongest man, but his fiancee, Hannah, says he needs to stop defining himself by his job.)

Answer: Your breath.

Also, Frank is trying, but he isn’t even sure if he even knows who “Frank” really is anymore.

Who’s The Doctor?

A father and son go for a car ride.

It’s kind of awkward because the father is telling his son he can’t hang out with his friend Sean anymore. The father thinks that Sean is a bad influence, but the son thinks that his dad just doesn’t “get” Sean or know about everything Sean has had to deal with this year. Sean’s sister, Jenna, got kicked out of boarding school because she got caught with vodka in her Nalgene bottle and Sean’s parents totally freaked out at her. Jenna tried to run away to New York and live with this guy she met on Soundcloud, but she got on the wrong train and ended up somewhere in Massachusetts and got super scared, but she still wouldn’t come home so now she’s living with Sean’s aunt for the summer. It’s, like, all Sean’s parents are thinking about and are, like, totally taking it out on him because they wouldn’t let him go to Bonaroo because they didn’t think it was “safe,” even though Sean’s friend Evan’s cousin was going and he’s, like, 23. Anyway, Sean threw a party when his parent’s went out of town to try and trick his sister into going to one of those scared straight ranches where they make kids, like, work with animals and sleep outside so they can, like, break down their walls or whatever and his parent’s found out about the party because his mom saw a cigarette butt in one of the tomato planters on the deck. Sean was telling everyone who was smoking to ash into solo cups, but he thinks this kid Colin who is one of Christian’s friends from art camp put his cig in the planter to be a dick because Sean freaked out at him earlier that night for scuffing his dad’s pool table doing a dumb trick shot. It’s, like, such a stupid way to get caught, but everyone knows that Christians’ friends from camp are assholes ever since one of them broke Dana’s mom’s pool cover jumping on it, so if Sean was inviting Christian maybe part of him wanted to get caught, you know? But it’s not cool because Sean’s mom and dad made Sean tell them everyone who came and then called all their parents so now, like, everyone’s in trouble.

Anyway, the father and son get into a car accident. Two ambulances arrive and take them to two separate hospitals. A doctor comes in to operate on the boy, takes one look at him and says “I can’t operate on him. He’s my son.” Who is the doctor?

Answer: The doctor is the boy’s mother.

Also, she feels super guilty because she was the one who didn’t want her son hanging out with Sean, but she made her husband tell him, because she can’t stand to be the “bad cop.” It was easy when he was little and the worst he could do was not clean up his room, but he’s gotten older and everyone just kinda got stuck in their roles and even though she can tell it’s putting a strain on the relationship between her husband and her son, she still doesn’t have the heart to tell her son “no.”

Two Girls

Two girls were born to the same mother at the exact same time, yet they are not twins. How can this be? And how can it be that the mother’s nurse, Rena, hasn’t been able to go on lunch yet, even though Val, the other nurse, took lunch two hours ago?

Answer: The girls are two of three triplets.

Also, the hospital is short staffed so Rena and Val were both supposed to stay on the floor, but Val got to have lunch because she said she has medication that she needs to take with food. Val is always pulling shit like that.