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December 06, 2016

#3. The movie 'The King's Speech' was nominated for Album of the Year.

The 2017 Grammy nominations were announced today and, as usual, there were some surprises that no one saw coming.

Bernie Sanders still didn’t get a nomination.

There were other songs released this year besides that Adele song.

The Chuck E Cheese’s animatronic band is nominated for best
dance/electronic album.

The movie The King’s Speech was nominated for Album of the Year.

We’re pretending like we ain’t just going to give everything to BeyoncĂ©.

Maren Morris is nominated and she immediately did a quick Google
search to see who she was.

My yearly release of rhythmic farting has been snubbed yet again.

There are more artists in the “In Memoriam” than nominated for Grammys. Thanks 2016.

Plenty of nominations for Lemonade; zero for Around the Corner Fudge is Made.

“It’s shocking Kanye West wasn’t nominated for every award.” - Kanye West