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October 21, 2008


The best radio is right-wing radio, at night. These people have an insane hatred of Barack Obama . We were listening to Bob Grant last night, (or Mark Levin the night before- it doesn't matter, they all sound alike). A caller lashed out at Barack Obama:

I don't like him, he's cold and calculating.

The caller was pissed about Obama's associations with Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright. In a way, he was correct. Obama is a politician, and those creatures are, by nature, cold and calculating. John McCain probably took all of five minutes to reflect on his POW years before exploiting them for political gain. In fact, during his very first Congressional campaign, he deflected carpetbagger charges by saying, "The longest place I ever lived was Hanoi ."

Yeah, pal, we get it. You're a hero.

Barack Obama, also rootless, landed in Chicago. He needed a coalition of white liberals and black activists to win a seat in the Illinois Senate. He had a few meals with Bill Ayers and spent Sunday mornings with Rev. Wright. It worked. So what? In America, politicians can admit they tried coke or cheated on their wives and they are forgiven because regrets make a person likable. But pols can't cop to being cold, calculating or ambitious. That would mean they're assholes, we wouldn't want that in a president, now would we?

Right-wing callers can console themselves with the notion that Obama probably didn't care for Ayers or Rev. Wright. Both fringers were a means to end. And the Left shouldn't care because Obama's end is a social, cultural and political agenda that is desirable.

Yes, Obama's end is desirable.

Barack Obama wrote two autobiographies before the age of forty-five. Most people don't think their life is interesting enough for a blog entry. This week, as the Senator from Illinois, Hawaii and Kansas takes a few days off to visit his dying granny, let us reflect on our luck. This guy is an egomaniac and an asshole, but he's our asshole and that's the difference.

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