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July 01, 2017

Besides July 4th, the other days really need to step up their patriotism game.

The Fourth of July is one of America’s shining moments. People across this country come together to celebrate America’s independence and democracy.

But what about the rest of July? As an American, it’s pretty disappointing. Let’s take a look at the days that could learn from July 4th.

July 1

July 1.jpg

Right from the start, July completely ignores America and its independence.

July 2

July 2.jpg

Piggybacking on July 1st, July 2nd flat out refuses to honor our Founding Fathers.

July 3

July 3.jpg

Looks like someone’s been hanging out with July 1st and 2nd too much…

July 5

July 5.jpg

Wow. Following the most patriotic day of the month, July 5th does nothing. Shame on you July 5th.

July 6

July 6.jpg

July 6th doesn’t claim to be un-American. If so, why won’t it come out and say “Hey, I want to be Independence Day too.”

July 7

July 7.jpg

A great day to honor red, white, and blue? July 7th doesn’t think so.

July 8

July 8.jpg

What’s July 8th but a wasted opportunity for a “Double 4th of July.”

July 9-12

July 9 10 11 12.jpg

Nothing to see here. Just four days who are “too cool” to be patriotic.

July 13

July 13.jpg

Come on July 13th!

July 14

July 14.jpg

Woody Guthrie’s birthday, that no good communist.

July 15

July 15.jpg

When I learned this, I had to look it up to make sure it wasn’t fake news (sadly it’s not)- July 15 has NEVER celebrated the colonies’ declaration of independence from Britain.

July 16

July 16.jpg


July 17

July 17.jpg


July 18

July 18.jpg

How long does it take to forget our Founding Fathers? According to July 18, only a fortnight.

July 19

July 19.jpg

I asked my mailman if he’d stop delivering mail on the 19th to honor America. He just looked at me and walked away. Go ahead, mailman. Turn your back on America. I know I won’t.

July 20-23

July 20 21 22 23.jpg

Four more days that get their kicks from snubbing Lady Liberty.

July 24

July 24.jpg

This is my dad’s birthday. Sorry Dad, but my favorite birthday is America’s birthday (second favorite is Mom’s)

July 25

July 25.jpg

I hold this truth to be self-evident: July 25th doesn’t give a damn about America or independence.

July 26

July 26.jpg


July 27

July 27.jpg


July 28

July 28.jpg

I like to call July 28th “Benedict Arnold Day” because it too betrays America.

July 29

July 29.jpg

July 29th isn’t a bad day, just confused. It should really ask itself: what would July 4th do?

July 30

July 30.jpg

Knock knock. Who’s there? July 30th, who apparently liked being ruled by a tyrant.

July 31

July 31.jpg

This is the way July ends, not with a bang but a whimper. We can only hope that August gives us 31 straight days of celebrating American independence.