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June 11, 2014

it’s time to start thinking about defending our bodies as well.

Five Benefits of Learning Self Defense

Many have been in the unfortunate position where they have been attacked or threatened by someone they don’t know. Or they knew them and still they were attacked or threatened. Some have suffered injury, others broken bones and wounds, while tragically, others have died. The need to protect oneself is very much something everyone should take seriously. We all invest in health and nutrition and fitness programs, but it’s time to start thinking about defending our bodies as well.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to taking self-defense courses. Here is a list of five of them that would be the best reasons as to why and how they help us.

  • Safety – When taking a self-defense class, they can teach different ways to defend yourself in varying situations. This makes it easier to be out in public and feel less anxious about doing so. Learning the basics of how to stop an attacker so that escaping is feasible is the number one thing to learn. It’s about taking the advantage of time and space when disabling an attacker and using that to get away.
  • Social skills – Surprisingly, when taking a self-defense class unless it’s a 1-on-1 class this means taking it with many other people. This gives everyone a chance to get to know someone else, and usually everyone partners up in a self-defense class for easier instruction. The ability to build a greater tolerance for others and also understanding other cultures. Self-defense is very similar to martial arts and in martial arts they teach the discipline of honoring your elders, showing respect, and the tolerance of others.
  • Confidence – This is one that many people go into a self-defense course for and it’s more women than men that gain this ability. Because self-defenses gives women the ability to defend themselves better, this boost their confidence levels. Yes men do go in and get a confidence boost, but not as much as women do. It’s very seldom that a man being assaulted is reported rather than a woman. But it does happen.
  • Learning – We all like to learn things, but it’s not every day that we get to learn something new and theoretically beat up on someone else even if it is practice and in a controlled setting. Self-defense can be something that is fun and challenging. But it’s all about perspective and the willingness to learn something new. Learning something new is about accepting your success and defeats and is vital to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Getting In Shape – As with many self-defense classes, they don’t just focus on being emotionally prepared for an attack, but also being physically prepared for an attack. These usually start with an intense warm-up, and this is followed up by learning techniques. Due to the fact that women have a usually stronger lower body than men, many self-defense classes will take time to focus on using the lower body to your advantage during a possible attack.

The Right Course

When looking for a self-defense course, there are many that are available and this can confuse some people.

Take the time to do some research and ask questions, talk to people and determine which type of course would be best. Many gyms, health clubs, or even YMCA’s offer courses and all will have certified instructors.

When it comes down to it, protecting yourself is something we all need to do. Yet we have a tendency to let that be the one thing that is always pushed to the side in favor of something else. If our health is important, then the defense of the body should be as equally important. It’s about learning the right way and self-defense is the best thing anyone can do.