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August 10, 2010

Exactly what it says ...E.D., My take on the humorous side of the subject.

Why is there such a problem with men getting boners? Is it that big of a deal? I mean think about it, 50 years ago there was no E.D. . There was flu, small pox, wars… but no E.D. If you had a problem getting it up 50 yrs ago the only excuse you had was Marriage! Now there’s a plague of Bonerless men running around town trying to stock up on Cialis!! My grandpa gets a boner if a storm is coming!! As a matter of fact that is how we new if a storm was coming. I’d be like “Storms coming.” they’d say… “how do you know?” I replied “because Grandpas Boner is sticking out of his Boxers!!!! Now days that shit’s not happening, Grandpa has Viagra and Gran has a bad back!! I don‘t think it is that big a deal…I have been to a strip club and there are plenty of BONED UP middle age men there! I just think there is too much advertising for male enhancements…. You don’t need Medicine to get a boner…you just need to be attracted to your spouse!

    I sometimes think Viagra and shit like that are just a new way for men to say…I need a divorce!!! If I told my wife I needed Cialis or Enzyte or any of those things…because I could not get it up with her anymore….I would fully understand if she punched me in the FACE!!! How do you tell your wife that and not expect that! Ladies you agree!? You don’t want some medicated Dong … you want a man that has NATURAL stamina…..that way your not thinking he is going to have a heart attack while he’s on top of you! If my wife told me she had no sex drive with me I would start to wonder who she DOES have one with! That is like finding birth control, Condoms and the morning after pill in her purse! What the fuck do you expect!