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June 10, 2009


What are your customers and competitors saying about you online? Are you looking after them, or too busy focusing on other things. It’s hard to juggle all your commitments and easy to get swamped, but if you lose your reputation, you lose your business.  Learn from the mistakes of others. Kryptonite faced a big old painful situation when they didn’t listen to what their customers had been saying. They’re locks didn’t work! Without the locks Kryptonite Locks was simply a Superman fixer! Dozens of customers decided to make videos as to how you could use a Bic Biro to break into a Kryptonite Lock. Oh dear! It didn’t do their sales much good as word spread, and profits plummeted. With Freedoma we want to give space for honest information to flow both ways where challenging comments and hints for improvement can be taken on the chin, to see companies make those all too important improvements we all want.