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March 16, 2010


Hello and welcome to my life which i take the intresting things and badly spell and punctuate to you in the form of writing. (i think that sounds a bit inntulcall sort of Stephen Fryesque)

This month I ave mostly been making a mess.Now this is something i seem to do quite well ,I mean i would like to be tidy BUT (dont you love big BUTS) I as me it is not in my nature as a liberall thinking male.I am good at acting as if I cant hear, playing the guitar medeocarly  and moaning about ANYTHING. So are most males ladies so deal with it.

Anyhoo had me bitch now onto life well same old i have been up the studio with jamie sounding good we need a very competent good drummer so if you are one drop us a line and well get in touch.i also have just finished writting a new funny song its called 'Christmas Time' which i will have up soon .This came out of the fact that i dont believe that any song properly represents christmas so youll find out my opinon of christmas soon .

Right poeple who read this i would like you to anwser me some questions please.
1.Who are you?
2.How do you know me ?
3.Why in the hell do you read this ?

Well another month done and dusted if i dont see you or speak to you beforehand 
Merry Christmas And Happy Hogmany (new year for people not in the know)
And may you please remeber A mince pie is for Christmas not for life.