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November 03, 2015

For what it's worth, they also went pretty Instagram on us and no one is happy about it.

We all woke up this morning (hopefully) and somewhere between taking our first breath and turning off the alarm we were on our smartphones looking at Twitter. While we could delve into how that is maybe terrible and bad for our precious brains, let’s skip that and get incredibly outraged that Twitter has replaced the “fave” star with a “like” heart.

Yep, that’s right, dudes. Unsheathe your battle swords and then put them back away to furiously tweet about your *dislike* of this new feature. Those little stars were badges of honor when someone liked your beautifully witty quip or poignant prose in 140 characters or under. And now those stars are hearts. And now our hearts are sad about it.


An IRL example of this new bullshit.

And changing a huge feature like this overnight? Wow, Twitter, sounds like you’re really “pulling a Facebook” right now and introducing an “interested” feature on events when literally no one asked for that. You had a good thing going for you, Twitter. You were simple, you were consistent, but now you’re saying the fave star was too confusing for newcomers? Whoever told you that is lying and doesn’t have your best interest at heart — uh, wait, I mean at star. Fuck.

Anyways, this is a brash change and we’ve all been burned by Facebook’s many abrupt and overnight changes so many times, it’s like, where do we all turn now? Is it too much to ask for a social media platform that remains the way people like it? That isn’t an insane request? Right? Can anybody hear me? Ello?