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September 16, 2009


    The "Golden Rule" is bullshit.  You shouldn't treat others how you wish to be treated, because they might not want to be treated the same way you do.  This whole concept is ultra egocentric.  You should only follow the golden rule if you are a self centered asshole who doesn't mind alienating people while trying to kiss their asses. 
    I have a better rule.  Treat others as they treat others.  If someone's rude, be rude back.  If someone's nice, be nice to them.  This concept complements the golden rule quite well.  If someone is following the golden rule then treating them the way they treat others is treating them the way they want to be treated.  If someone is not following the golden rule then fuck 'em, they're assholes.  It's flawless.  You're welcome.