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January 27, 2010


Sure, when you think of Mel Gibson these days, you probably think of this:

And it’s true. In the past couple of years, it seems like Mel has gone a little off the deep end between that Jesus movie and all the drunken anti-Semitic ranting.

But before all that crap, Mel Gibson was the man. Remember how kick-ass he used to be??

I mean for Christ’s sake, he played Mad Max three times:

And Martin Riggs four times:

And don’t forget about Braveheart:

Look, all I’m saying is, I think we all need to give Mel Gibson a break. He’s got this new movie coming out -- and might I add, the first movie he’s done since a little piece of turd called Signs in 2002. And it’s not even his fault that Signs was a piece of turd. That was before we all realized M. Night Shyamalan’s greatest twist-ending: what a hack he really is. Seriously, M. Night -- go make a sequel to Unbreakable and get back to us.

But anyway, the point is, there’s a new Mel Gibson movie coming out -- and what the fuck, I’m kinda excited for it. And I know a lot of you are unsure about Mel being really anti-Semitic or not -- especially my Jewish readers -- and I just wanna take this opportunity to point out that I have definitive proof that not only does Mel Gibson not hate Jews -- but in fact, he actually loves them!

And my proof is The Three Stooges:

With the exception of Curley Joe Derita, every actor who has ever been a "stooge" has been Jewish. And Mel Gibson is like the biggest Stooge fan -- he’s made several references to them in his Lethal Weapon movies and he even produced a Three Stooges biopic in 2000 starring Michael Chiklis as Curley:

It’s obvious that Mel Gibson loves The Three Stooges and you can’t love something you hate. Every retarded person who’s ever had a kitten knows that.

Mel had a bad night, got drunk, and said a bunch of stupid shit. That’s it, okay. It’s not like he’s planning a Neo-Nazi youth march or something like that. So come, put down the Hate and give Mel Gibson a second chance. I am.

And if you wanna be pissed at him about something -- be pissed that he didn’t put more “tit shots” in Apocalypto.