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June 07, 2011

As Pixar readies its newest film, market analysts confirm that it will make more money than anything ever.

LOS ANGELES- As Pixar readies its newest film for release, market analysts confirm that it will make more money than anything ever. Like all of Pixar's summer releases, "Cars 2" will be seen by everyone alive. Box office guru Setu Radha predicts "Cars 2" could make as much as $900 Million... and that's just opening weekend. Setu added "Oh, it's gonna beast."

But analysts aren't stopping there. Since the movie's second weekend falls squarely with the July 4th holiday, gross is expected to reach the $90 Billion mark in no time.

Researchers agree that numbers will only go up from there. Traditionally, Pixar films enjoy a third-weekend boost in ticket sales because people love the films more than anything. Studios expect all moviegoers with eyes to love the film so much, that they'll physically need  to watch the movie for a second time bringing the film to a possible $4 Bajillion gross.

Additionally, analysts predict the movie will see a box office boost from families who refuse to watch anything but Pixar films. Whether they choose to or not, most middle to upper-class American families are at the will of their children's Pixar-addicted lifestyles. Because these moviegoers will watch the movie several times in theaters at about $15 a pop, gross may very well reach $8 Kazillion by Week 5.

With international release planned for early August and DVD/Blu-Ray release slated for Black Friday '11, it's safe to assume that "Cars 2" will make more money than anything ever that has existed ever ever.

However, "Cars 2" will be opening on the same weekend as "Bad Teacher", the worst movie ever ever.