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November 10, 2017

YouTube Presents "Tay Joseph Vs. The World"

YouTube Presents “Tay Joseph Vs. The World”


Tay Joseph
Photo:Instagram @Tay2Tv

Tay Joseph is from Lancaster, PA, and has only been doing comedy for 3 years and already is becoming a household name on social media. He’s been a class clown for as long as he can remember and owes his success to a video he made his senior year atJ.P McCaskey High School with a few friends called ‘Crack Head Joe’. The video,Tay said, was just the result of him goofing off with a few of his friends. He didn’t really think anything of it until he saw all the buzz it generated.“Alot of people kept coming up to me about the video, even some of my teachers”.

Now he’s stepped it up anotch and as gotten a video over 8 Million views on a school video on Facebook, Tay also has 5 videos on social media that has over 2 million views also got100k+ on over a dozen videos, Tay as also recently had auditions withMTV’s hit series "WildnOut"and a lead role in BET’s new series ‘The Quad” but said he turned in downbecause he felt like he didn’t fit the part.

Tay Joseph is now workingon a YouTube web series called “Tay Joseph Vs. The World which will befeaturing a handful of viral comedians that will drop this winter in December.The web series is hyped up to be almost similar to legendary comedian MartinLawrence’s “Martin” with all the characters Tay Joseph will be playing.

The show will premiere onYouTube December 12th 2017