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May 29, 2013

This is a funny and ironic article about a KKK member who was fired from organization after discovering his great, great, great grandfather was black on ancestry.com

After being fired by the Ku Klux Klan, Jebediah Orton is suing the organization for ten million dollars based on racial discrimination.   

Jebediah is claiming that after learning that his great, great, great Grandfather was black on ancestry.com, he was discriminated against by the group.  “After I told the group of my shocking discovery, they started treating me completely different.  They stopped using my given Klan name and started referring to me as 'boy.'  They also made me sit at the back of the Klan Bus and refused me access to the bathroom.  I was forced to use the outhouse in back every time I had to take a dump.  At one point, they even led me out to a tree where a noose was hanging and threatened to hang the 'N' word.  I was looking all around to see who they were threatening, but eventually realized they were referring to me."

Jebediah said the discrimination did not stop there.  “Up to that point, all my peer evaluations had been excellent and I was on the fast track to Grand Wizard.  That all changed after they found out I was part black.  I started getting written up for the littlest things and my last review had me rated at below average in every category.   I know that was bullshit because I had just received a recognition award from the Grand Wizard himself one month earlier.”

When asked why he decided to sue his former affiliation, Jebediah commented, “ I feel like my human rights were violated. They had no right to treat me like that.  I was terrorized and belittled everyday I came to work.  They made me feel like I was not even human. No white man in America should be treated like that.  That is reserved for the Blacks, Jewish people and Hispanics.  I really thought the Klan was better than that, but I guess I was wrong.”

Since his firing, Jebediah has remained optimistic about his future.  “I just want to put this whole thing behind me.   I have applied to the Aryan Nation and White Christian Brotherhood and feel pretty good about my chances.  They seem like organizations that will look past the fact that i am part black and provide me with a workplace free of discrimination."