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February 28, 2010


This last month, February 2010, saw my actual return to the comedy stage. I did four shows, one at the Cedar Rapids Piano Lounge, two shows at Cocktails and Company, and one show at Penguin's Comedy Club in Cedar Rapids. All in all, it went well. I met a lot of great local comedians, including one who is already known nationally. Just like in the old days, I quickly bonded with my fellow comics as we went from gig to gig. Shout outs to Jon Cooper, Kid, Andre' Theobold, Jason Moffitt, Bryan Huggins, Keegan Buckingham, Paris Knight, Red, Travis Hemstead, and the amazing Tom Sharpe. These are all great comedians whom you should be hearing from very soon.

More shows soon. I hope to get some videos up on this site soon.

Keep 'em laughin'.