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March 14, 2011

Rapper and social media superstar Lil Wayne can do no wrong in the eyes of his Facebook friends.

What's not to like?

Rap mogul and social media superstar Lil Wayne can seemingly do no wrong on Facebook. On Monday, the legendary MC posted the following status update on his page:

'I lyke you!'

The comment, misspelling and all, generated an impressive 781,235 "likes" from Wayne's fans.

It's not the first time that keystroke errors have been greeted favorably at the rapper's Facebook page. According to a spokesman for the recording star, Wayne's cat, "Mr. Pussy," walked across the rapper's home keyboard in January and inadvertantly sent a message that read "asklm   p[= 990," which received 64,756 "likes" on Facebook.

Wayne recently set a world record with 21 million Facebook "likes" for his now famous message, "IM YOUNG MONEY"