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January 11, 2016

This is a comedy with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey who I like very much. I think this was funny and it made me laugh a lot.

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(FOD writer/director Lauren‘s mom loves to go to the movies. This blog contains real reviews, transcribed from conversations really with her mom.)

In the movie, Amy is younger and polite and Tina is older and crazy. They have a party at their parents house because they moved to an active adult community so Amy and Tina want one last hurrah. Except, they are in their 40s so everyone at the party is stodgy and it’s not that fun. Until Kate McKinnon comes. She’s a lesbian and when the lesbians come, they turn up the party. I guess lesbians know how to party.

One thing I’ll say is that I learned how to speak Korean from this movie. They go to a Korean nail salon and Amy asks the nail lady for her real name. She says, “Haewon” and Amy can’t understand her and she keeps repeating it. It means head. So I know how to say head in Korean.

The movie is rated R and they say a lot of words that I would have been embarrassed to be sitting with my children watching. I’ll just say they have their own names for certain things.

Amy likes a guy with big teeth and wants to have sex in her teen bedroom. When she gets this guy up there, he slips and lands on a ballerina statue that goes straight up his ass. It’s very gross but very funny. Can you imagine wanting to have sex with someone and then something gets stuck up their ass? There’s also a funny joke about cocaine because Bobby Moynihan thinks it’s Splenda. Also, someone falls through the ceiling. And Mya Rudolph plays an evil bitch. And Rachel Dratch does her Debbie Downer character. It was like SNL.

Amy and Tina work very well together. There was some VERY funny parts. But there were also parts that weren’t funny and everyone was quiet and just watching the movie. The ending is sweet and almost brings a tear to your eye. Because sisters, no matter what you do to each other, you’re always sisters.

2 ½ stars

3 stars for the outtakes - I would see a movie of outtakes