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March 20, 2017

John Lamano is the winner of the MemoryTag Greeting Card sweepstakes giveaway drawing

After a tremendous response that amazed even us, Memorytag’s “Cash Giveaway Gift Sweepstakes” has been won by John Lamano. The response is proof the interactive video/photo greeting card produced by MemoryTag, with more imaginative messages than any other greeting card—–is an idea whose time is now.

Lamano’s entry blank was drawn from among 20,000 entries on Mar. 17.

MemoryTag owner Robert Beadles congratulated Lamano who will be awarded $300 in cash and a $100 in-store credit for famous MemoryTag video interactive greeting cards and other gift items.

“We’ve had giveaways before, but we plan to make this contest a regular feature here at MemoryTag,” Beadles said. “We want to build awareness, reward our customers and fans, and give back in gratitude for our amazing success. Our loyal customers have made us who we are.”

MemoryTag revolutionized the common ordinary greeting card by making you the star of your own greeting card.

MemoryTag was one of the few greeting card companies that realized new technology could take the greeting card from out of the Stone Age of what it had always been for over 100 years, a piece of cardboard with a boring statement written on it by a person who doesn’t know you. The one-size-fits-all approach to a highly individualistic message is like wearing a pair of shoes that don’t fit. The old-fashioned greeting card usually makes little or no impression upon the receiver and is quickly discarded in the trash after a boring “ho-hummm.”

Instead, MemoryTag took the greeting card out of the doldrums and made it everything possible from a heart-felt wish to a standup comedy routine. MemoryTag cards are funny, edgy; say things no other greeting card ever said before. In addition, you add your own personalized greeting—that only you can say.

You download our patented MemoryTag app on your smartphone and record a greeting and place the video greeting on a little patch on one of the hundreds of MemoryTag greeting cards. The person who receives the card also downloads the app, opens the card, and using their smartphone, plays your greeting.

The greeting (unlike the old cards) can be viewed again and again for years, a permanent reminder of your love, friendship, happiness or condolence. It can be irreverent, comical, nutty or silly, whatever you want it to be, limited only by your own imagination.

At MemoryTag we gave your greeting card a voice….your own.

Our congratulation goes out to contest winner John Lamano.

In the future we plan more special events and we will keep you appraised. As MemoryTag becomes the most innovative and creative greeting card supplier, we again thank you our customers, who let us show you how much more a greeting card could be. For more information on MemoryTag Greeting Cards,go to https://memorytag.cards/.