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August 09, 2010

Lessons from Plato and before..

On Educating the Young



If you are not a professional teacher or a public icon of proper social mores it is still your responsibility to foster a sensible society.  A role you must play towards this end is the continued education of youth by elder embers of each strata of society.  You too can do your part no matter the current level of age and status your present circumstances encompass. 

 It is probable if you are not a professional teacher or icon of public society it is likely you will not be allowed much exposure to large group of children to which you can preach what experience has taught you to be true.   Fear not.  There are ways to launch a guerilla war against the establishment to get your message across.

Consider volunteering as a driver to youth functions at a local church or Boy Scout activity.  If you’re qualified enough put in for some public special events bus routes.   In either case be prepared with your personal favorites of subversive tapes or CD’s.  Leonard Cohen, Madonna, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor or erotic audio series may apply depending on the level of consciousness repression set by local community standards.  If you are unable to drive a vehicle that holds more than four passengers that is okay.  There are alternatives to guerilla pedagogy. 

Drive your own 2 or 4 door personal vehicle by a high school or middle right at the end of the day’s classes.  There will be numerous groups of youth walking home this time.  Open your window two-thirds of the way down and proceed to pick your nose.   Nothing drastic as if you were excavating a South African diamond mine.   Rather a slow, gentle, but continuous roll of your forefinger around the edges of the nostril.  It is important to let the young ones know that adults do this sort of thing.  It is a lesson in the body politics of nature that needs to be demonstrated before the education system civilizes the masses to a mindless and mechanical technological death.


Note do not try this at an elementary school.  This will prove a humbling effort like amounts to preaching to the converted.  The little ones will stand still and out pick you every time.