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March 30, 2009


 Let's say you own an ipod shuffle.  Let's also say that you've got a hoodie with a very saggy front pocket.  Now let's imagine you're in an airport, sitting across from numerous people.  Let's say you decide to listen to your ipod shuffle and therefore place it in your front pocket for convenience sake.  Now, let's say you're listening to a song that you don't wish to be listening to anymore.  What if, because you assume it will be more effective, you try to locate the "forward" button on your ipod shuffle through the outside of your saggy pocket using your index finger?  How might that go?  What might that look like?

I'll tell you what it looks like.  It looks like you're rubbing your crotch as though you were petting a new born baby duck.  And evidently that looks weird.  At least that's my assumption based on the looks I was getting.  Why it took me longer than five seconds to realize this, I'll never know.

...Also, don't stick your tongue out to the side at any point.
...Hypothetically speaking of course.