Jim started off his day waking up hung over in the back of a moving truck. "O Fuck" thought Jim as he began to relize where he was. See Jim had just gone on a 4 Day drinking bender with his buddys from Amsterdam that he met while trying to find some acid. The crew met about four years ago and this was the third time they reunited and so they wanted to make it crazy. Natrally every time they get together it usually ends with Jim in the back of a truck. So Jim jumped off the truck knowing this way he wont have to deal with the driver. 

After letting his elbow bleed out for a bit because he smacked it while hitting the rough pavement, Jim decided it was time to start hitchhiking. Hichhiking in northern Canada can be tough since there is not alot of trafic there and lots of wild anamals like grizzlypolar penguins and beavers n shit. Luckily a polar gook was riding his sled and was nice enough to offer Jim a ride. This made Jim happy.