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May 27, 2011

How I really founded the Mormon Faith

He's there again taking photos.

Hi there, im Mr Sensibly Stupid.

So today I would like to talk to you about the Book of Mormon and how it was actually me who found the plates of Nephi in Manchester, New York but as this sad story goes I was forced out by that bastard Joseph Smith jnr.

This is my story, A guy I new who was a bit of a moron told me he was an Angel(i know right, Angel my ass!).  I didn't believe this for a second but he told me he had buried some gold or some shit on land near my home, so from the mention of gold I was in it for all its worth.

After stealing the gold tablets from the land he was badgering me to write it into a book so others could read it. But im a selfish son of a bitch and decided to pawn them off to Joseph Smith Senior's Pawn shop, Now unknown to me Joseph's son who was also called Joseph (lazy parenting right there) had some sort of delusional issues and stole the books before I was paid.

After years of searching by the marshals and myself, although very little on their part if you ask me, he was not found until he released his book, or should that be my book, after this i found him pretty easily, i just follwed the stream of lowlifes to Salt Lake City.

Once there I made him an offer for the plates but he informed me that the plates could not be seen by any one as god told him to hide them as this was part of his plan.

So cutting a long boring story short he ended up famous and I ended skint, but on the bright side people still believe my stories.