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November 17, 2011

pageant girl gives back

Olivea might be a pageant girl who has been on the 2012 pageant stars calander and soon be modeling for them, and has appered on the neverforgotten spell live pageants poster and calander but this all don't matter to her. She at the young age of eight has chosen to use her pageant titles to give back to her town. She has collected clothing, and household supplies for the local womens shelter and is now doing toys for kids to donate to the local hospital. she wants to show the world that a young child Can make a difference if you just try. Olivea told C.B.C News in an interview with them that it makes her happy to know that the people she is helping is also happy and thankful for what she is trying to do. This little pageant star wants to keep moving forward with her climb in the modeling world and the pageant world you can become her fan at Olivea- One of a kind child on facebook by liking her page